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Main Functions

  • SOS Emergency call
  • Real-time tracking
  • Footprint(Historical track)
  • GEO- Fence
  • Low power alert(Battery low alert)
  • Monitoring
  • Broadcast time
  • Three work modes: Follow mode, Normal mode, Power save mode
  •  Free APP for Android and IOS mobile phones
  • Universal Globally: support GSM Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900MHz



Operation Guide


SOS Emergency call

The SOS/family numbers can be set on the APP. While the device is online, long press the SOS button, the device will automatically call the preset SOS numbers. If the first number been answered, it won’t call other numbers; if nobody answers the call, it will call the three SOS numbers for two times before hanging up.



Open monitoring in the settings page of APP and input mobile phone number. After confirmation, the phone number will get a phone call from the device automatically. Users can hear the voices around the device, while the device can not hear the users.


Work Mode

The device has three work modes, users can change work modes in the settings page of APP.

1) Follow mode (1 minute interval): the device will update location information every minute, it consumes more power under this work mode.

2) Normal mode (10 minutes interval): the device will update location information every ten minutes.

3) Power save mode (60 minutes interval): the device will update location information every hour. Choose this mode to save power.


SMS Alerts

1) Battery low alert: When the switch is on and the power of device is less than 20%, you will get battery low alert in “MESSAGE” of APP.


2) SOS alert: When the switch is on and nobody answer the SOS phone call, the SOS number user will receive an SOS alert, which tell the coordinate of device.


Footprint (Historical route)

Up to three months historical route data of device can be checked via APP



It is possible to set up a geo-fence for the device to restrict its movements within a specific area. Users can activate this function via APP, and set the latitude and longitude of the area on the Map. If the device moves out of the area, users will get an alert in “MESSAGE” of APP. Please note that the alert time is subject to the work mode, shorter intervals will allow the message to be sent on a more timely basis.


Phone Book

Up to 10 contact numbers can be saved in APP, only these saved numbers can call the device.


Language and Time Zone

Set language and time zone based on the device user’s location. Time and date of device will update automatically.



If the LBS switch is off, the LBS location will not work. It is suggested that this function be kept on at all times.



With pedometer, Exercise, Sports, and other functions.


Track Bee Ultra Simple

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