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Product Functions


1.Real time tracking

2.Call function

3.Historical route query


5.Voice monitoring

6.Do not disturb mode


8.Voice timekeeping

9. Find locator

10.Other settings and functions



Real time tracking

There are three kinds of tracking mode. User can select setting in the phone APP software function to choose the working mode.

1. Rapid positioning (1 minute): equipment at 1 minute intervals updates location information, we don’t suggest choosing rapid positioning model, because the battery will be lower sooner than standard mode obviously. We don’t suggest selecting this one.

2. Standard positioning (10 minutes): equipment updates location information according to the time of 10 minutes interval. We suggest selecting this one.

3. Save electricity positioning (an hour): equipment in one hour time interval to update location information, the power-saving mode use battery slowly. This one is good for power saving.


Call function

Please set admin number (monitoring number) before the following operations

1Setup whitelist :Click APP setting—whitelist—setting phone numbersMaximum 5 contact numbers can be set, only the phone numbers in whitelist can call this tracker.

2SOS emergency call

If you have set up the family number (SOS number, maximum two), Long press SOS button, light up then release, the GPS tracker will dial the family number when long press power/ SOS button, If the first number answers, it will not dial the second number. If the first family number does not answer, it will dial the second number automatically, the GPS tracker will stop dialing after circularly dial twice.

Note: After ordering the caller ID function, it admin number or white list or any of the family numbers are set, the tracker will refuse calling from the stranger automatically. Whitelist and family number can be set in completed phone number or short number. When there is SOS call from GPS tracker, if the first family mobile phone number answers the call by leaving voice message, the tracker will not dial the next family number.


Historical route query

This product will keep 3 months of route information. If two GPS positioning points are very close to each other in the historical route data, the redundant one will be deleted automatically.



APP Geo fence—click upper- right “+”—Move circular area on map( android phone can set circle radius by upper “ +” and “-”, IOS can set Geo fence by moving upper icon)—Mark Geo fence name( such as family or school)—Save.(suggesting the Minimum radius 500m)

If the watch is out from fences, mobile phone APP client-side will receive the alarm information from GPS locator platform. Alarm information frequency is related to the positioning interval time setting, the shorter positioning time interval, the more frequent to detect if out of Geo-fence or not.


Voice monitoring

APP settings—voice monitoring—fill in the monitor mobile phone number—click ok(wait for a while and then the equipment will dial your mobile phone number; you can listen to the voice around locator after pick up your mobile phone).


Do not disturb mode

APP settings—do not disturb mode—set up do not disturb timing(Maximum four groups timing) within the time interval, unable to call the locating watch, unable to slip the screen.

Do not disturb mode setting is only available from Monday to Friday. The “do not disturb” function does not work at the weekends on Saturdays and on Sundays



APP Voice message——Click record——Click confirm——Tracker start to record, then send the record file to APP.Noted:Record time is 20 seconds. If record failed as bad network, this is normal.Can try again when network is good)


Voice timekeeping

Press the power on button twice, the voice will broadcast current time.

Noted: How to open and shut down it: from app, Settings- Voice timekeeping- ON/OFF


Find locator

Choose find locator, confirm the command when the device is in normal network connection, will make a sound, easy to find the locator.

Track Bee Heavy Duty

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